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Faith communities seek security: 'We can't let this become the new normal'

Area synagogues, churches and mosques are reassessing their security in the wake of continued attacks on the faithful.

“We can’t let this become the new normal,” said Todd Polikoff, chief executive officer of the Jewish Community Board of Akron, “and that’s the imperative.”


Forum 360: Fun Month in January!

January was a fun month at Forum 360. Guests ranged from a politics expert to a professional sports expert to a leadership expert to a census expert! Did you know NE Ohio had so many experts?

Actually a thread that does sew all of these pieces of the fabric of NE Ohio together is leadership…

Rubber City Jews Rundown

In November, RCJ members joined the JFS Holocaust Survivors’ group for an interactive musical program.
Participants listened and sang along to their favorite songs and shared their stories and experiences. The program was a great success, and we hope to have another in the future! 


JCBA Launches $1.5 Million Campaign

Campaign co-chairs Sheri and Stuart Glauberman have announced a $1.5 million goal for the Jewish Community Board of Akron (JCBA) 2020 Annual Campaign. The goal, a ten percent increase over last year's campaign results, was approved by the JCBA Board of Directors at its May 2019 meeting.


Forum 360: Where Do Ideas Come From?

Did you ever wonder where do ideas generate for Forum 360? Do hosts have to come up with the idea for every show? If a person or group thinks they would make a good guest, how do they communicate with a host or with Forum 360?

Do we ever run out of ideas? One host explained how ideas are ev…