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The JCBA Annual Campaign is about the commitment of an entire community to care for the vulnerable, enhance Jewish life, and ensure a Jewish future. Investing in the Annual Campaign forges a link between our local and global Jewish community.  Investors in the Annual Campaign, simultaneously, help the person around the corner and around the world. They enable JCBA to work with local, national and international agencies to transform lives and deliver hope, dignity and comfort to millions of people — ordinary people facing extraordinary needs. 


Simply put, no charitable investment can touch more lives and have a greater impact, both in Greater Akron and globally, than an investment in the JCBA Annual Campaign. 


Powered By YOU!

These are very challenging times and we need your support now more than ever to make sure our Jewish community organizations are here to help.

With YOUR help, we come together to:

  • Provide comfort and care to seniors 
  • Educate children and adults 
  • Help individuals be physically fit and healthy 
  • Combat antisemitism 
  • Build community 
  • Increase security 
  • Touch the lives of thousands in our community, and countless more in Israel and around the world!


If you would like more information about the JCBA Annual Campaign or would like to make an investment in our future, please contact the JCBA office at 330.869.2424.

The Mandel Match

The Thom and Lisa Mandel Foundation has graciously agreed to match all increased and new gifts to the 2023 Campaign for JewishAkron up to a total of $50,000, which will be vital to our ability to surpass our $1.4 million goal. The match will be in effect from January 1, 2023, through Super Sunday, scheduled for February 26, 2023.


"Lisa and I are pleased to be able to set aside some of our giving to fund a donor match in our Akron's 2023 Campaign for Jewish Needs. We hope that all who can will take advantage of the opportunity to lever up their increased annual support of JewishAkron. We think that Akron is an amazing place to raise a family, and one with an amazing Jewish community.  Our programs rival those of many much larger communities. Please help us help," says Thom Mandel.


How It Works:

  1. The Foundation will match all increases to the 2023 campaign; an increase is the amount OVER specific donors’ 2022 commitments. If there is no increase, there will be no match on these contributions.
  2. The Foundation will match all new gifts to the 2023 campaign; a new gift is considered a contribution from either a totally new donor or a previous donor who did not participate in the 2022 campaign.
  3. Additional gifts from donors who have already made their 2023 commitments are also eligible for the Mandel Match.
  4. While prompt payment is always encouraged, the match will be made on either pledges or paid commitments, as long as they are in one of the above categories.

Shalom Sunday (formerly Super Sunday)

Shalom Sunday will take place Sunday, February 26, 2023, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Schultz

Campus for Jewish Life, inside the Shaw JCC, at 750 White Pond Drive.


Super Sunday is now Shalom Sunday – a powerful day when volunteers, donors, and community members come together to make a difference. It is an important one-day phone-a-thon fundraising effort with every gift supporting the 2023 Annual Campaign for JewishAkron.


As many people know, Shalom has three meanings – hello, goodbye, and peace. During this event we are saying hello to previous donors who have yet to make a gift this year and thanking donors who have already given. Since it is the closing of the Annual Campaign, we are saying goodbye for this year. And, most importantly, by raising funds for the community we are bringing peace to those we serve.


The goal of Shalom Sunday will be to reach individuals who have not yet made an Annual Campaign donation. JCBA is encouraging community members to “answer the call” and make a pledge to 2023 Campaign.


Here’s how YOU can help:



Call fellow community members to ask for a donation for the 2023 Annual Campaign.


Make thank you calls to donors who have already made their gift!

Please register at jewishakron.org/Shalom

On Shalom Sunday be ready to answer our call and make a pledge or donation to JewishAkron’s 2023 Annual Campaign.



Can I skip the call?

Sure enough! Those who want to make their donation early can do so at JewishAkron/donate. Just note “Shalom Sunday” in the comments field. 

Pledges made on Super Sunday can be paid any time prior to Dec. 31, 2023.

Why I Give to Campaign

"Why I Give" with Annual Campaign Co-Chairs Steve Kutnick and David Stock