Make a Difference, for Good

Would you like to make an impact on the Akron Jewish Community...forever?!

If the answer is yes, consider a PACE Fund through the Akron Legacy and Endowment Fund (ALEF). Short for Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment, a PACE Fund lets you support the Akron Jewish Community well beyond your lifetime with an annual campaign gift.

Why should you establish a PACE Fund?

Planning your giving now by creating a PACE Fund imbues your gift with infinite longevity, offering an important legacy for our community. Currently, over 6% of JCBA’s Annual Campaign allocation is funded through PACE gifts. Because we are an aging community, more of our allocation dollars will need to come from PACE funds. In other words, PACE funds will maintain the quality Jewish programs and activities we value and enjoy at the current level.

How does a PACE Fund work?

You establish a PACE Fund and then contribute to it— either in your lifetime or after (or both). Interest from your PACE Fund generates a gift to the JCBA Annual Campaign (formerly named the Jewish Welfare Fund. Your named fund is recognized as a donor in the annual Donor Honor Roll in perpetuity. For example, a Lion of Judah Endowment (LOJE) is a PACE Fund for women who give $5,000 or more annually to Annual Campaign. However, a PACE Fund can be established to generate income to fund almost any Annual Campaign amount.

How can you fund your PACE Fund?

Your PACE Fund can be funded during your lifetime and/or after. During your lifetime you can use cash, stocks, or in some cases, real property. After your lifetime, bequests, life insurance policies and real property are ways to create the foundation of your fund. There may be valuable tax benefits to funding your PACE fund. Please contact your tax professional for more details.

How do you establish a PACE Fund?

Simple. Contact Julie Katz at or 330 835-005. She will be delighted to meet with you and/or your tax advisor to answer any questions.


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