14 2017

Shaliach Meeting - AHARAI In Kiryat Ekron - Light Dinner Meeting

5:30PM - 6:30PM  

Schultz Campus for Jewish Life 750 White Pond Drive

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On March 14th, Tuesday, will have dinner and a presentation about the work of "Aharai! Follow Me!" - Aharai! is a social educational organization that develops young leadership and promotes social involvement among youths from the projects, development towns, absorption centers, boarding schools and shelters, all over Israel and also in our sister city - Kiryat Ekron!
We will host in our community, just for one evening, two representatives from the organization who'll share with us what's happening today all over Israel thanks to the organization's work, and how the money we have donated last year contributed to the lives of teenagers in Kiryat Ekron over the last year!
Personally, I believe that the organization's work is amazing and helps making a change in the Israeli society, and I would be so happy to see you that evening. Please let me know if you'll be able to attend, 
I'll appreciate your RSVP by March 5th. Thank you!
Have a great day,
Attached Yair Sherf's Bio from Aharai who'll be one of the two representatives ans 2 videos from Kiryat Ekron Aharai and Aharai Official video both in great quality!
Also a reminder about our collaboration here in Akron in this article from AJN - 
Enjoy watching!