Anshe Sfard's Chavurah Sisterhood
Women’s Chavurah Sisterhood is an integral part of Anshe Sfard. We benefit our shul and the community with ongoing projects that include: mitzvah meals, nursing home holiday programs and visitations, Purim baskets, Hamantashen, holiday food fairs and various spiritual gatherings and dinners. Our group is open to all women in the Jewish community. Call 330-867-5332 for more information.


B'nai B'rith Unit of Akron
B’nai B’rith was the first service organization founded in the United States 161 years ago. Today, with members in 58 countries, B’nai B’rith International defends Jewish interests at the United Nations in New York, the European Union in Brussels and in national capitals and local communities worldwide. The Theodore B. Marks B’nai B’rith Unit of Akron was founded as a men’s lodge in 1913, but membership is now open to both men and women of the Jewish faith. Locally, our financial support benefits the B’nai B’rith Youth Organization at the Shaw JCC, the BBYO region, the Hillel Jewish Student Center at Kent State University and local teens who attend summer leadership programs through BBYO. Call 330-666-2313 to find out more.


Chabad of Akron 
Chabad, also known as Lubavitch, is the world’s largest international Jewish outreach organization. As teacher and friend, Chabad is involved directly or indirectly with nearly every Jewish community in the world. There are over 3,000 Chabad institutions around the globe. Chabad of Akron/Canton is a resource center for Jewish inspiration serving Jewish youth and adults—for the affiliated and the unaffiliated. On-going activities include: publications, holiday celebrations, Shabbat dinners and hospitality, hospital and nursing home visitations, campus activities, Jewish discussion groups, Hebrew lessons, Jewish Birthday Club, mezuzah campaign, speakers bureau, counseling, and Russian Judaic library. To find out more, call 330-867-6798.


Daughters of Israel 
Ten women founded the organization “The Franz Joseph” in 1891, which later became the Daughters of Israel. The original membership was composed of mothers, daughters and daughters-in-law. Eventually new members were invited to join. The present membership numbers fifty women. The Daughters of Israel is primarily a social group sustained by dues and Tribute Card  contributions. All funds are donated to various charities. Luncheon meetings are held the second Wednesday of every month with three members serving as hostesses. Call 330-315-8027 for more information.


When you belong to Hadassah, you become part of a powerful force: the largest women's and the largest Zionist membership organization in the United States, with more than 300,000 members. Hadassah works to improve the quality of life for women, children and families and to ensure individual rights and freedoms for all-- through our memberships that include over 1,200 chapters and groups throughout the United States, supporters and volunteers nationwide and internationally. Working through our community services projects, education and advocacy, we continually strive to protect and defend those beliefs in which we believe so strongly.

Hakoah Club


Jewish War Veterans, Akron Post #62
The Jewish War Veterans of the USA, organized in 1896 by the Jewish Veterans of the Civil War, is the oldest active veterans’ organization in America. Among its activities is the monitoring and promoting of legislation affecting veterans and the public good; community service activities and programs; as well as projects dealing with issues of Jewish communal concern, including Israel, the PLO and anti-Semitism wherever it appears. The national headquarters are in Washington, D.C. where the National Memorial depicting the contributions by Jewish servicemen and women during the various wars for American freedom is found.

Locally, Akron Post 62 hosts hospital parties at the Brecksville V.A. Hospital, conducts memorial services at each Jewish cemetery and plot on Memorial Day, refurbishes each marker with an American flag and maintains a local Memorial tablet at Rose Hill dedicated to all Jewish veterans. In addition, the Post takes part in every Jewish community affair as well as participating on the Jewish Community Board of Akron and Community Relations Committee.

Jewish War Veterans Ladies' Auxiliary, Akron Post #62
Our mission is benevolence, patriotism and service from the heart to veterans of all faiths and their families. Our programs and agenda address veterans' services, veterans' hospital, aid to Israel, child welfare, community relations, legislation and senior citizens.

Jewish Women International
Jewish Women International is a global community of women working to promote safe homes, healthy relationships and strong women— in every Jewish community around the world. We are leading the growing movement against violence in Jewish homes and relationships with education, advocacy and action based on initiatives that aid the victims of relationship violence and help break the cycle by challenging the Jewish community’s thinking on this issue. Among the JWI initiatives servicing communities right now is The National Library Initiative. JWI has committed to establish 100 libraries in shelters across the country in the next five years.

Our Youth-focused programming was initiated by our recent weekend retreat for young leaders: “When Push Comes to Shove, It’s no longer Love!” Along with our toolkit on healthy relationships, this event has launched exciting new JWI programming that addresses dating abuse and promotes healthy relationships among teens in the Jewish community. The Mother’s Day Flower Project delivers bouquets to battered women’s shelters across the US and raises money for JWI’s Women’s Economic Security Fund. The fund awards non-competitive grants to small innovative programs in the United States Canada and Israel that give women and girls the resources, skills and education they need to become independent and financially secure. To learn more about JWI and to get involved, visit our website at or call 330-836-8000.


NA'AMAT USA Ada Marks-Anna Talisman Chapter
For more than 80 years, NA'AMAT USA has had one mission: to support the women and children of Israel. To accomplish its mission, NA’AMAT—through its sister organization in Israel—provides a broad range of social services, from day care centers to domestic violence shelters; from legal aid to alternative high schools. NA’AMAT has services and facilities in communities throughout the country, from Kiryat Shemoneh in the north, to Eilat in the south. That’s why we say, “Think Israel. Think NA’AMAT.”


Revere Road/Anshe Sfard Free Loan Association
Founded in 1921, the Anshe Sfard Free Loan Association was formed for the express purpose of helping those in our community who needed financial assistance. The first loan from a meager fund of less than $100 was for $25 to be repaid at the rate of 50 cents per week. In the 79 years of our existence, no one has paid a cent of interest and no borrower has ever failed to pay off his or her loan. To the many people of the Akron Jewish Community who have given of their time and effort to the maintenance and support of this organization, our heartfelt thanks.


Shaw JCC of Akron Women's Auxiliary 
Now in its 75th year, the Auxiliary continues to function as a strong, supportive service organization to the Shaw Jewish Community Center of Akron. With over 200 members, Auxiliary raises funds for the many extra needs at the Shaw JCC, as well as helping with the beautification of the building and grounds. Auxiliary funds support the kitchen, senior adult programming, summer day camp, pre-school, the Annual Picnic and other Shaw JCC functions. In addition to fundraising for the Shaw JCC, Auxiliary is involved with the social and cultural activities of the community. Every year it hosts Purim Ball where Jewish high school senior women are honored by their family and friends. Auxiliary is open to all members of the Shaw JCC of Akron who wish to help support and build a stronger and more beautiful Shaw JCC.


Workmen's Circle, Nathan Glazman Branch #587
Workmen’s Circle is the largest Jewish fraternal organization in America. The Akron Branch is 88 years old. The organization supports ORT, City of Hope and many other worthwhile causes. This group also is dedicated to the preservation of the Yiddish language and has many schools throughout the country including one in Cleveland. To find out more, call 330-836-8068.