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The Jewish Community Board of Akron exists to sustain and enhance Jewish life. With the funds it raises from the Annual Campaign, it helps support Akron’s agencies, programming and services. This is one example of the impact of these organizations—and therefore, the impact of your campaign contributions.

Moving to the United States from Israel is no small thing.  For the Eran Arden, the location in the States had to be right—for his business and for his family. Akron was it.

Arden is a founder and CEO of Timocco, which creates therapeutic gaming technology for children with special needs. After considering many other US cities for a move stateside, the company announced Akron as its new headquarters in March 2015. Arden moved to Akron with his wife Shelly and sons Yoav & Omer this summer.
“There’s an energy to move things forward in Akron and in the Jewish community here in particular, he explains. “It’s a great city to support a new start-up company and to raise a family.”

The Lippman School factored largely into their decision to choose Akron. It was important to the Ardens that their children be in an environment in which they hear and learn Hebrew. “The school is centered around respect, equality, and peace--values we appreciate,” he continues. “We were also impressed with its level of education and the warm family feeling.”

That sense of warmth extends to the Arden’s experience of the Jewish community in general. “It surprised us how fast you become part of the family and community here,” he says. “We’ve been invited to Shabbat dinners, and we feel comfortable going to shul.”

“Although it’s a small community, it’s very connected and very friendly,” Arden says. For newcomers to Jewish Akron, the JCBA’s Community Concierge program helps foster new connections. Cathy Baer, community concierge, helped the Ardens choose the best neighborhood for them and a house that met their needs.

In both business and family life, Arden and his family have received a warm welcome and support from the Akron Jewish community.



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