"We wanted to give Augie something we hadn't had"

Our son Augie is a happy eight year old, with an infectious smile. He loves baseball, basketball, flag football, singing and especially swimming. He’s been swimming at the J since he was a baby. We actually joined the J for him, because of the indoor pool. Augie’s never missed a swim season.  As he has completed the various levels of the red-cross learn to swim program, we had a front row seat of his beautiful journey to becoming a confident swimmer.

“We joined the J because we wanted

Augie to learn how to swim

and feel confident in the water”

We both learned how to swim and wanted to make sure he was not fearful of water, so we knew that confidence and security in the water, at the J or in the ocean, were skills that we wanted to give to our child. We still remember the day he learned to jump off the platform. He was SO nervous and it had taken him several weeks to get up the courage.  His JCC swim teacher was AWESOME!  She was patient and encouraging and she knew just how to motivate him. She built his confidence that she believed in him, and then one day, he did it. These days the diving board is one of his favorite things to do.  

“We wanted to give Augie something

that we hadn't had”


The pool is at the heart and center of our community. Make a Splash! today.



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