Strengthening Jewish identity through cross cultural experiences

The Lippman School staff helped me strengthen and expand my Jewish knowledge and faith.  As part of the multicultural approach, our class went to Montana for a cultural exchange with the Northern Cheyenne Nation.  We were asked to teach about our faith and learn theirs. 


It was special for me to learn about a culture unlike any other.  It was important to me when we went into the sweat lodge to and participated in traditions that are important for the Northern Cheyenne and see the correlation between our worlds.


Going to Israel for my 8th grade class trip was unlike any other trip I have experienced.  I will never forget our first night in Jerusalem and visiting the Kotel the next day. This connected me to the land and made me closer to Judaism in a whole new way through ancient traditions and prayer.  It was also very special praying in an ancient synagogue on top of Masada.  This trip made me feel very connected to my homeland and spiritually.  In preparation for the trip, we also discussed current events. We learned about the challenges of triumphs Israel faces in modern times. Through this class and the trip, I renewed my interest in Israel and its people.


The staff at Lippman helped me take pride in my Judaism as a way of life.  I have learned to lead a fuller, more meaningful Jewish life. After Lippman, I have helped teach Hebrew to younger students. This is so important to me as I see the younger kids in our community beginning to search for their own personal meaning of Judaism. 


This Lippman grad is currently a high school student.


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