Sherbondy Records Updated

When Steve Johnson volunteered to update the database for Sherbondy Hill Cemetery, he thought it might take a few hours of work. But the retired engineer found it became a labor of love, spending hours and hours visiting the cemetery and matching up the sections and rows assigned to the actual burial plots.

The result of Johnson’s dedicated efforts means we now have a very usable data base for Sherbondy Hill Cemetery, the largest and most active cemetery the Akron Jewish community owns.

Every year JCBA fields several calls from people looking for loved ones buried at one of the cemeteries owned by the Akron Jewish community. These calls come from all around the country. Sometimes people are curious and conducting genealogical research, but other times they want to visit the gravesite and pay their respects. The most common inquiry from callers is about graves at Sherbondy Hill.

For long into the future, Johnson’s work will be helpful to those in Akron and around the country with loved ones buried at Sherbondy Hill Cemetery.

If you are looking for the location of a grave at Sherbondy Hill Cemetery, Workman’s Circle Cemetery, Farband Cemetery or South Street Cemetery, call 330-853-0005. The Jewish Community Board of Akron offers this free service for the public, but the upkeep of the cemeteries cost the community thousands of dollars each year. You can help support the upkeep of these burial sites with a tax-deductible contribution to JCBA by calling 330-835-0005.


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