Sam's Story

At age 88, Sam lost Sarah, his wife of 60 years. In the midst of extreme grief, Sam was not taking care of himself. He did not shop, cook, or do laundry and he forgot to bathe and take his medication. Sarah had done everything for him and without her he just could not attend to his everyday needs. Sam’s daughter Ella saw his already fragile health getting worse, but was unable to help her father. He was resistant and angry. Ella called JFS for help. Ella and a JFS Counselor met with Sam at his home and although it took several sessions, he eventually agreed to participate in Counseling to deal with his anxiety, grief and depression, and to allow a Care Manager to help him deal with his day–to-day life needs. Eventually JFS staff helped Sam choose an assisted living facility that took over many of the chores he was unable or unwilling to do. With his physical and emotional needs greatly improved, Sam was able to enjoy more quality time with Ella and his grandchildren.

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