Rubber City Jews Rundown

In November, RCJ members joined the JFS Holocaust Survivors’ group for an interactive musical program.
Participants listened and sang along to their favorite songs and shared their stories and experiences. The program was a great success, and we hope to have another in the future! 

Upcoming winter programs include a trip to the Maltz Museum, a Jewish game night, a rock-climbing event, and a project with the International Institute of Akron supporting refugees and immigrants. We will also be collaborating with Hillel at the University of Akron to plan 2 programs: a Shabbat dinner at the student center and an event with RCJ members and senior students. Event dates and times coming soon!

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Our organization works in partnership with and in support of the Jewish Community Board of Akron, the Sands-Rogovy Fund, and the Albert L. and Janet A. Schultz Endowment Fund for Jewish Programming.