Rubber City Jews Rundown | NOV 2021

RCJ is seeking input from our members as we head into the winter months. Would you prefer outdoor programs, virtual programs, or a mix of both? We cannot wait to get back to our favorite events like Shabbat dinners and holiday celebrations, but safety continues to be our priority. Let us know what you think!

If you are new to town, or know any young adults who are new to town and would like to get involved with RCJ, please let us know. We are always welcoming new friends and program suggestions. As always, visit our Facebook page for upcoming programs.

THE RCJ-TICKET: Gain unlimited access to an entire year of RCJ programs and collaborative events, and receive exclusive discounts to many other community events. RCJ-Tickets are $25 per person, or $50 per couple, and can be purchased online or with cash or check at any RCJ event. For just $25, attend our regular programs and receive discounts to many community events for a whole year!

Our organization works in partnership with and in support of the Jewish Community Board of Akron, the Sands-Rogovy Fund, and the Albert L. and Janet A. Schultz Endowment Fund for Jewish Programming.