Renovations begin on locker rooms

This time it's Man's First. The Shaw JCC locker room's renovations are scheduled to begin on Sept. 2, with the men's side first. Beginning Sept. 2, the women's locker room will be split in half with a partition. Women will enter their space through the usual door and the gentlemen will access their temporary locker room space through a separate side door. Once the men's locker rooms are renovated, we'll utilize the same system - but on the men's side - and the renovations take place in the women's locker rooms. The renovations are expected to continue through Dec. 1. 


New locker rooms' features:

  • New women's sauna
  • New men's sauna
  • New men's steam room
  • Upgraded lavatories, countertops, and new mirrors
  • ADA-Accessible showers and new shower heads
  • New tiles, flooring, paint, and wall coverings
  • New seating and lighting


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