pool Construction Leaps Forward

With steel coming on site at the end of July, major construction is scheduled to move forward on the indoor pool building. Pre-cut to up to 30' in length, the structural steel is coated with special epoxy, designed to endure its longevity in the humid conditions of the pool structure. 


Those of you who will drive to the back of the Campus will see a large crane lifting these massive pieces of steel to erect the bones of the pool structure. Once the structure is up then acoustical decking - the metal deck that goes on top of the structure to to serve as its ceiling - will be installed. 


Following the structural steel and the roof deck being installed, the next process will be putting up masonry brick and blocks to create the wall panels, followed by laying down the roof, designed with a single slope to reduce snow and debris accumulation, which could compromise the strength of the structure over time. As complex as this may sound, building the shell of the pool structure should take about a month to complete. After the shell is complete, then the focus shifts to interior finishes, such as lighting, paint, and ceramic tiles. The locker rooms improvements will take place around the same time that the pool structure interior finishes will be worked on. 


"Now that we have steel in place, you will really see our new pool building taking shape," says Thom Mandel, co-chair of Make a Splash! committee. "This is the exciting part. I know, I personally can't wait to see the final results."

Article prepared with the help of John Porter from Welty Construction - www.thinkwelty.com



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