Pave Way for Dignity, Security, Hope

JFS client Carlos* came to Birthday Club expecting just a piece of cake. JFS holds a “Birthday Club” gathering each month in the subsidized housing that it serves.

Instead, he was so touched that with tears welled up in his eyes as he said, “No one has sang to me for my birthday with a lit candle on a cake since I was a child! Thank you so much for making this day memorable for me!”   

“After a community education event, David* visited me during open office hours, where I am available to talk to residents,” a JFS counselor shared. “He explained that his wife was interested in counseling, so I explained what Jewish Family Service can provide and offered to meet with her that day if possible.  Ten minutes later his wife came down to my office!

“She said she has been struggling with depression for over a year following a back surgery; she now has ongoing chronic pain. The pain and depression is so severe that she constantly thinks of suicide. I immediately asked her to go to St. Thomas Hospital for psychiatric care. I also provided facts on depression and some good ways of treating it. She now receives better medical care as well as medications and counseling. This woman also knows that I am available during open office hours should she need additional support.  The couple is very appreciative about the consistent services they receive in their building.”

These are just two examples that show the impact Jewish Family Service makes in the lives of senior adults. JFS provides services to hundreds of seniors and their adult children who care for them. No one is turned away from JFS due to income; all fees are on a sliding scale. But client contributions comprise less than 2% of JFS’s donations. The rest of the money we need to serve senior adults comes from people like you.

It is your valued “friendship” with JFS that continues to fund needed services to improve the lives of older adults. Your tax-deductible contribution is a critical part of JFS’s services.  Make a secure donation online here or  call 330-867-3388.

* Names changed to protect privacy of clients.






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