Open D'Or Networking Event Will Be on March 7

What is Open D’Or?
Open D’Or is the answer to the question emerging leaders have been asking: “I am interested in becoming more involved in the community, but how do I do that?” For experienced leaders, it’s a way to connect with passionate members of the community who want to be more involved. At its core, Open D’Or is a fun way to meet other community members in a speed dating style, while furthering the creation and development of relationships between emerging and experienced leaders in the Akron Jewish community.

How does JLI fit into this?
JLI is the Jewish Leadership Initiative. The Jewish Community Board of Akron launched JLI in fall 2016 to engage and connect adults under age 45 in Akron’s Jewish community. The program offers professional and leadership development and the chance to learn from and connect with community leaders. The objective of JLI is to identify and foster emerging leaders in the Jewish community. Please note: Open D’Or is not just for JLI graduates; it is open to anyone interested in making community leadership connections.

Why a speed-dating networking event?
One of the obstacles to becoming a leader in any community is building relationships to allow for opportunity and growth. There are a large number of lifelong Akronites, but there are also a significant number of Akron transplants who do not have a lifetime of Akron connections to draw upon for leadership opportunities. Open D’Or was created to help build those relationships among Akron lifers and transplants in the hope of stimulating the creation and development of our next generation of leaders.

Why is this so important?
Emily Prioletti: As a fourth-generation Akronite, I grew up going to JCC daycare, summer camp and other programming throughout my youth. It was not until I became a parent that I truly understood the important role the Akron Jewish community played in my development. My parents worked tirelessly behind the scenes to keep this community going and keep programming fresh and relevant. Without knowing it, we all benefited from their hard work. Now, as I watch my son growing up in this same community, I want him to have access to the same opportunities I did as a child that helped shape me as an adult. So, it is my turn to take the torch and work together to lead this community for future generations. As I have said for years, you can’t make a community if you don’t first make a friend. That is where the concept of Open D’Or comes in. Let’s meet each other, build relationships and even build friendships. That is how we will build a community.

Michelle Dickstein: As an Akron transplant, I value our community as an extended family of sorts for my three young daughters. The fact they feel loved, supported, and safe running around Schultz Campus with abandon is something I cannot create at home or on my own. Our community is incredibly special in how we create a network of trust and familiarity while working towards the same goal of continuing to grow what has been built for future generations. My family and I personally benefit from everything the Jewish community has to offer; I want to support this and now play a larger part in helping shape the future too.

Program Details:
Open D'Or will be held on Thursday, March 7, at the Shaw JCC from 5-7 p.m. Childcare drop-off begins at 4:45 p.m., and the program begins promptly at 5:15 p.m.  Must RSVP online at by March 1. Facilitated by Leslie Ungar. Sponsored by the Jewish Community Board of Akron.