Mega Challah Bake ‘Loaves of Love’

The first community Mega Challah Bake will be held on Thursday, July 17, from 5:30-8:30 pm. At “Loaves of Love,” each participant will bake three challahs – two to keep for herself and one to give away to someone in need of extra love and care. The event will be held at the Anshe Sfard Synagogue, 646 N Revere Rd. and is open to the community (Bar/Bat Mitzvah age & above). “Loaves of Love” is sponsored by Anshe Sfard, Beth El & Temple Israel Sisterhoods. Other organizations include the Shaw JCC, Akron chapters of Hadassah, NA'AMATUSA, Daughters of Israel, Rubber City Jews, Hillel at Kent State, the Shaw JCC Woman’s Auxiliary, JCBA, and Chabad of Akron.

Together, participants will make the dough from scratch, choosing from a variety of recipes including gluten-free, whole wheat and spelt. Participants will knead and braid the dough into fresh loaves.  The program will also include creative challah braiding workshops, featuring a six-braid challah, flower challah, challah napkin rings, and more. A variety of  toppings to garnish challahs will be available.  There will be the opportunity for people of diverse backgrounds to pray together for those in need. Each of the seven ingredients used in making challah has mystical significance and reflects a different foundation of spiritual energy and blessing. Kabbalists say that the blessings from this mitzvah are so great that every woman should try to make challah at least once a year. Participants will enjoy a light brunch while discussing the history and traditions of women and the Mitzvah of separating challah.Donation for event: $18. Sponsor: $180 in honor of someone special. Please let event organizers know if you or anyone you know has a talent or skill that can enhance or contribute to this event. Volunteers are needed to assist with; mailing, setting, shopping, table hostesses, facilitators, bakers and delivery of donated 

For more information about “Loaves of Love,” please contact any of the following 
organizations’ representatives:

Hadassah Judy Grundfast 330-864-0007 •
Shaw JCC Auxiliary Beth Sugerman 330-836-0416 •
AS Women’s Chavurah Robyn Tobias 330-752 3030 •
Beth El Sisterhood Sarah Greenblatt 330-687-0203 •
Temple Israel Sisterhood Audrey Baker 330-644-4143 •
Na’Amaat USA Marilyn Groden 330-836-2603 •
Daughters of Israel Esther Cooper 330-670-0568 •
Hillel at Kent State Shiri Akrish 330-678-0397 •
Rubber City Jews Leora Cohen
JCBA Joyce Butlein 330-835-0005
Chabad of Akron Kaila Sasonkin 330-606-9876 •
Shaw JCC of Akron Myra Feinberg 330-835-0056 •


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