Make a Splash!


Make a Splash!



February 3, 2014



Make a splash! Is now the official name of the lay-led committee that handles the renovation of the indoor pool - raising money, as well as coordinating the design and construction of the renovations - at the Shaw JCC.


Why “Make a Splash”? First and foremost it’s figurative, explains Lisa Looman of JWT Action and a member of the committee. We wanted to come as close as possible to tangibly feel the water splashes that come out of the pool as people enjoy it; we wanted this concept vivid in our minds as we work on this project and communicate our progress to the community.


Metaphorically, there’s no better way than “Splash!” to describe the type of impact the pool has in our community, says Thom Mandel, co-chair of the Make a Splash! committee. Over 2,600 people use the pool every year to learn how to swim, to recover from surgery, to ease a pain, to swim laps, to exercise as a group, make new friends, or simply to enjoy the water. It goes well and beyond the JCC’s regular membership base. The children in the JCC preschool use it, the children in the Lippman School use it, families of all socioeconomic backgrounds use it. Yes, I’d say the pool at the Shaw JCC makes a Splash! in our community.


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