LLL’s 6th Year to explore Kabbalistic meaning of six

The New Year 5775 will be starting soon, and new energy will emerge in the air. LLL (Live, Learn, L’Chaim) would like to invite all women to join the 6th year of its programming. 

LLL is the series of Kabbalistic workshops for women. Each program starts with a light and delicious lunch and socializing. Then, participants Learn on the specific theme or topic of 6 that relates to that month. Finally, they Live: A workshop that helps to apply the content and energy of the month. Each month this year participants will discuss the energy and the spirit of some aspect of the number six. 

LLL is on Tuesdays 11:30 am - 1:30 pm on Oct. 28, Nov. 25, Dec 30, Jan 18 (or Tues Jan 20), Feb 24, Mar 24, Apr 28, May 31, and June 12. Some of the topics of this year’s workshops include:

6 days and the pause to rest on Shabbat. 

6 years and Shmita (Sabbatical). 

6 attributes of the psyche (a.k.a sefirot in Kabbalah)

    1. Chesed - loving, kindness, and benevolence

    2. Gevurah - discipline, measurement, focus, and limitations

    3. Tiferet - compassion, balance, truth, and harmony

    4. Netzach - endurance, fortitude, and ambition

    5. Hod - humility, modesty, thanks, and location

    6. Yesod - bonding, foundation, and connection

    Malchut is the actualization of all the above 

The sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, the vav, and more.                        

LLL Women’s Club is a communal collaboration, and would like to thank all hostesses, facilitators, and the ladies that joined and partnered with us.  

You can dedicate a workshop day honoring a loved one by donating $18 or $36. An RSVP is needed to Robyn Tobias  robyncheryl@gmail.com.  Each workshop is $10. For more information, visit www.LLL-Kabbalah.org, Facebook at www.facebook.com/LearnLiveLChayim. 

The LLL Committee consists of: Sheryl Aronson, Mazal Cohen, Chana Sheri Glauberman, Patrice Leeds Richman, Kaila Sasonkin, Stacy Shulan, Nurit  Kohl, Orly Rodriguez, Robyn Tobias, and Laurie Zuckerman. LLL is initiated and led by Mazal Cohen. Thank you to the Jewish Women’s Endowment Fund, which partially funds LLL.  Other sponsors include:  Temple Israel Sisterhood, Anshe S’fard, Womens’ Chavurah, the JCBA, Shaw JCC, Chabad of Akron, and Na’amat. 


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