Live, Learn, L’Chaim


Freedom Haggadah: A 15-step Seder Journey 
The Live, Learn, L’Chaim (LLL) Women’s Club met on Tuesday April 1 at the home 
of Channa Sheri Glauberman to discuss how the eight days of Passover is a time 
to celebrate Freedom. From beginning to end, the Seder is comprised of 15 specific parts. The 15 steps in the Seder are tools that help us exercise our spiritual muscles today. Laurie 
Zuckerman facilitated the work shop to model how the Seder can bring each one 
of us to more personal Freedom. 

Each woman received a LLL Haggadah that contains all 15 steps and parts--
each segment of the Seder comes with instructions, insights and discussions. By 
reading, reflecting upon and engaging in these exercises, participants can deepen 
their understanding of the Haggadah and personally relate to the experience of 
redemption. Iyar Workshop on May 6

The next LLL workshop will be on May 6 at the home of Nurit Kohl. Iyar is the 
bridge & middle month between Nissan and Sivan that invites everyone to embark 
on the Omer Journey. On the Omer Journey, we can create more balance between 
mind body & soul.


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