Lippman School Northern Cheyenne October Visit and Activities Rescheduled

Northern Cheyenne students, teachers, and tribal elders will not be visiting The Lippman School this week as planned. They will visit next May instead. Head of School, Sam Chestnut, explains:

Dear Lippman Families and Community,

It is with great sadness that I am sharing news of the passing of a great cultural leader of the Northern Cheyenne Nation, Steve Brady.   Steve’s sudden and unexpected passing affects a variety of our educators on the trip planned for this week and we have decided that the best course is for us to postpone the trip for a later date.   We were able to work quickly with tribal leadership to reschedule this experience for the week of May 18th.  We will keep you posted about details of the week as plans evolve.  

Steve is the brother to Otto and Martin and extended family member to several on the trip. Steve has been involved in this project since its inception and has offered lessons in history, Cheyenne culture and has taken our students to important battle sites on and around the reservation. 

Steve comes from a very prominent and well-respected family who made the torturous journey back from Indian Territory to reclaim a portion of their ancestral lands that ultimately led to the establishment of the Northern Cheyenne reservation.  Steve held a variety of traditional and modern leadership positions with the tribe. Most recently he led a group that helped establish, through congressional acts, the Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site, which also set aside sacred land for the Northern Cheyenne people in Colorado where this massacre occurred.

Steve was also a friend of the Chestnut family; he will be missed. His impact on his people will be felt and remembered for future generations.

Sam Chestnut

Head of School

The Lippman School
750 White Pond Drive
Akron, OH 44320
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