Lippman School Creative Works performance at Civic, with Northern Cheyenne

As part of The Creative Works Project, The Lippman School students have been exercising their creativity in a unique way. Under the tutelage of artistic director Brian Murphy, students have participated in a series of workshops with local area professional dancers and musicians and creating original musical pieces.

The result of the students’ hard work will be featured in a culminating public performance, Oct. 13, at the Akron Civic Theatre.  The event will also feature Otto Braided Hair, joined by drummers and singers from the Northern Cheyenne Nation, who will perform traditional songs as Northern Cheyenne students dance in authentic tribal dress.
“We hope our guests will leave feeling inspired by an evening of creativity, collaboration and culture enhanced by the beauty of the Akron Civic Theatre,” says Murphy, who is a well-known professional dancer and choreographer in the Akron community and co-creator of The Creative Works Project workshops.

“What makes the Creative Works Project unique is the children will participate in the entire creative process from inception to performance,” says Murphy. “Our hope is that students will be benefit from an artistic experience they might not otherwise have.”

The seeds for The Creative Works Project were sown earlier this year when Sam Chestnut, head of The Lippman School, hosted the first workshop at the Akron Art Museum in collaboration with Murphy.

“We see real value in exposing our students to the arts and giving them an opportunity to learn directly from professional artists,” says Chestnut. “It’s a great addition to other creative opportunities we offer such as the annual school play, art classes and the school band.”

Chestnut adds: “I’m excited to see the program expand and grow to include students from not only The Lippman School but also students from the Akron community. From the workshop to the final performance, this experience offers students an authentic opportunity to work with diverse professional and cultural artists.”

The performance starts at 7:30 pm, at the Akron Civic Theatre located at 182 South Main Street in Akron. Regular tickets are $10 adult/$5 child. A patron event will follow the performance allowing guests a behind-the-scenes tour and meet-and-greet with the artists. Appetizers will be served. Patron event tickets are $25 adult/$10 child. Contact Ceil Cohen at The Lippman School for tickets at 330-836-0419.

The Creative Works Project would not possible without the support of the Akron School of the Arts Firestone Dance Department, University of Akron Dance Institute, Child’s Guidance Services, Summit Choral Society, Northern Cheyenne Nation, NEOS Dance Theatre and musician Shay Goldenberg. Thank you to our generous private donors for their support.




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