Lila Marks has been named Honorary Chair of Make a Splash! Committee


Lila Marks, here in a rare photo from 1962, has been named honorary chair of Make a Splash! Committee, the committee that coordinates the renovation and raises the money for the indoor pool at the Shaw JCC.  Here she explains why she accepted the role:


“About 30 years ago, after my husband died, I started going to aquatics classes, just as they started out at the indoor pool at the Jewish Center. I remember it as if it were yesterday. We were a large group, perhaps over 30 people participated. Over the years few instructors have changed… our children grew up, they got married, and eventually started their own families. When the pool got closed in August for the renovations, one of the members threw a farewell-party for the aquatics group, that is how close we were. 


I love the pool because it had become an integral part of my life; a place to make friends and to be with people that I care about. Members changed over the years, they came and they went, but we’ve always had this sense of community, this melting pot, if you will, right there in the indoor pool.  Quite frankly, you take the pool out and you’re left with a hole that’s not only in the ground – but one in our community as well. The pool has to come back – not just for me, not just for this generation, but for everyone in our community and for many generations to come."


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