Kathy Moses Salem makes a $100K gift for the indoor pool at the Shaw JCC

Kathy Moses Salem pledged $100K as a personal gift for the renovation project of the indoor pool at the Shaw JCC. Kathy, who was featured in AJN in March of 2010 (pg. 2), is well known in our community for her passion to making a difference in projects that impact the entire community. Non Jewish, Kathy is inspired by the Jewish Law requiring everyone to be responsible for the wellbeing of the entire community where they live (as written in the Book of Jeremiah). When asked what motivated her to make the generous gift and to co-chair the pool’s planning committee her response was simple: “Because it’s important!”. Kathy hadn’t used the indoor pool much when it was open. But she recognizes its importance for the entire community: “…the pool is part of the curriculum at The Lippman School, and the Early Childhood Education program at the JCC. Jewish tradition has it that you should teach your children how to swim (as written in the Talmud). Over 1,700 children learn how to swim at the Shaw JCC of Akron pool every year. It’s our commitment to them and to those who can’t afford going anywhere else. And this is why it’s important”.



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