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Sam York is a senior at Revere High School, where he is thriving. He plays soccer and is in National Honor Society and Mu Alpha Theta (a math honors society).

Also “I co-founded the Jewish club, The Call of the Shofar, at our school,” he says. Being Jewish is part of his identity, which attending The Lippman School helped to shape.

“Chanukah and Purim are my favorite holidays,” York shares. “I learned the stories behind them at Lippman and enjoyed the celebrations we held at the school.”

Learning about Jewish traditions and history are just one part of The Lippman School. Jewish values and a global perspective are embedded in its education.

“Lippman grads tell us their experience here helps them be more creative problem solvers and think outside the box, which are Jewish values in a more global way,” says Sam Chestnut, head of school.

One of the ways Lippman engages and teaches is through staging a production each year. The performing arts merges with other disciplines, like languages. The play now features English, Hebrew and Spanish.

“The fact that every child is expected to participate in our annual play encourages them to foster their voices and to work in teams in an authentic way,” says Chestnut.  

“Lippman made me more outgoing, possibly from participating in the annual plays,” says York. He also notes that this could be “due to the small student body, which made people seem less intimidating.”

York offers up “big thanks” to his Lippman teachers for preparing so well for high school.

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