Jewish Community Launches Crowd-Funding June 24

Join us on Wednesday, June 24 from 5:00­-6:30 PM at the Schultz Campus for Jewish Life, for mingling, hors d’oeuvres, and the chance to win an iPad! Oh, yes, you will also get to hear about the hottest projects in Jewish Akron and have the opportunity to get involved – right then and there. You don’t have to make a donation to win the iPad, but if you do, it could help the project you selected win additional funding on top of your gift.


What’s crowd-funding anyways?

Simply put – crowd-funding is fundraising from a large number of people, typically on the internet and in a short amount of time. Each project in need of funding has a web page with a full description, budget, and photos or videos illustrating the need and describing the project. Sometimes, though not always, nice thank you perks are offered to donors. Here’s one example that you can check out to learn more about it.


Why us? why now?

The Jewish Federation of North America (JFNA) is investing in the future of fundraising through grants that it provides to select communities who are ready to test out new ideas. We, the Jewish Community Board of Akron, have received such grant towards crowd-funding so we can experiment and then share our insights with other Jewish federations nationwide.  


What’s in it for you?

  • The opportunity to get involved with a very specific project that you care about
  • The possibility of getting a perk for your donation
  • The ease of sharing with friends on facebook and via email
  • The chance to win an iPad if you come to the kickoff on June 24
  • The satisfaction of knowing you made a difference!


Next step:

  • Come on Wednesday, June 24 5:00-6:30 to mingle and hear about the projects – as well as for the chance to win an iPad!


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