JCBA announces the acquisition of JFS by JFSA of Cleveland

The Jewish Community Board of Akron (JCBA) is pleased to announce the acquisition of its affiliated agency Jewish Family Service (JFS) by Jewish Family Service Association of Cleveland (JFSA), effective August 17, 2018. The acquisition was approved by the Boards of the JCBA, JFS and JFSA.

JCBA board president David Minc stated, “This is an important strategic move for both JFS and the JCBA. Most importantly, this is an opportunity to improve the range of services to our clients and to reach more of our key constituents. At the same time, it will put the JFS on a better and more sustainable financial model.”  

JFS of Akron currently offers care management, counseling and mental health care, as well as home health services, including affordable homemaking and handyman services and transportation options through the Silver J-Ticket program for older, Jewish adults. 

The acquisition by JFSA will expand the current service opportunities JFS offers through the addition of high level clinical oversight, electronic health record keeping, Medicare/Medicaid documentation and billing, service to Summit County Holocaust survivors as defined by new Claims Conference guidelines for eligibility, as well as access to other support and service for families.

JFS Board president Dianne Newman stated, “We believe this is a win-win situation for JFS of Akron. We are now allied with a premier agency in the field. We will remain in our Akron office, and we can offer enhanced services."