Get to Know New Shaliach

By Mor Roffe

I’m sitting in the room that I’ve lived in since childhood, thinking about the new chapter I’m about to begin, and my excitement is only increasing!  Before I come in late August and get to know Akron, here’s a chance to let Akron know a little about me!

My name is Mor Roffe, and I live in Rosh Ha’ayin. While living there, I grew up in the youth movement called “HaNoar HaOved VeHaLomed,” where I discovered my love for education and people. Additionally, I was on the robotics team at my high school through which we competed in robotics competitions and volunteered in our community. I even got to be a mentor of two teams by the time I became a shaliach.

In the army, I was in a special program called “Nahal,” and my profession was a teacher-soldier. I was placed in Haifa and worked with a variety of children and teenagers. Two years later I became a platoon-sergeant in the same unit.
A year has passed, and I decided to follow a dream of mine to become a shaliach. The combination of exploring new worlds and helping people feel the connection to what I love the most —my home Israel— makes me happy!
I’ve been told that one of the ways to know a person is by his friends. So I asked my friends to share about me, so you can get to know me in a different way.

“What can I tell you about Mor? In Israel we call him “Morchook” as a nickname. Honestly, you are very lucky to have him! I want to tell you a story that may explain how much this guy is funny, intelligent and a good friend. Four years ago, we lived together while we volunteeed in our youth movement a year before the army. In that time there were elections in Israel and I was very into it, so Mor decided that I need to run, too! He made a whole campaign on my name; it was so funny that everybody heard about it! So I’m sure your time with Mor will be the funniest!”
- Michal, Hod Hasharon

“I have known Mor for about five years now. We were both robotics students and the first time we met we didn’t really get to know each other. I am personally not someone who usually likes new people, yet all of a sudden someone named Mor claimed to be my friend. Mor is such a nice people person it just worked. When I look back and try to remember how we became friends, it was pretty much because Mor simply decided that we were!”
- Tomer, Beit She’arim

 “I met Mor when I came to our army unit. As Mor’s direct commander I got to work with him closely. As a platoon sergeant, Mor emphasized the small details and would work extra hours to kindly talk with his soldiers about their army and private lives. Moreover, I believe that Mor has a natural talent and uniqueness as a leader and as a friendly person with whom relationships between people are foremost. You are sure going to like him!”
- Avital, Jerusalem

After this tiny introduction, I am really looking forward meeting you. (And be sure to ask me more!)  I hope we will enjoy our time together. See you soon, Akron!






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