From the Campaign Chair

By Michael Segal
Annual Campaign Chair

To those in our greater Akron Jewish and greater communities: I want to thank you for your past and continued support to the Jewish Community Board of Akron’s Annual Campaign.  As you know this campaign helps to fund our local Jewish agencies–plus supports national and international priorities.

Since this is my second year as chair, I have personally observed our staff and volunteers focusing on what the campaign’s and community’s future should be.  Campaign Director Julie Katz has been with us about a year and she has made great strides in facilitating the Annual Campaign and creating a bridge to the future.  Endowment Director Greta Foster is a veteran whose top priority is to help donors establish endowment funds to support our Jewish institutions and agencies for the future.

So, I am writing this article with two objectives.  The first is to thank those who have made the Akron Jewish community a priority.  Please consider raising your commitment level and providing a legacy gift for endowing our future.  Inflation is our enemy and many individuals have given the same gift for many years or decades.  Thus, unfortunately, the purchasing power of your gift is adversely affected over time.

Secondly, I want to address those who have philanthropic blood in their veins.  I encourage you to not only pledge to our campaign but to become involved with the agencies, your synagogues and other Jewish organizations.  We as a Jewish community are only as strong as the weakest links in our communal chain.  We must insure that we understand the needs of our community, plan for it, fund it and build our second century together.

In the words of Milt Wiskind: “As you know, Edith and I committed ourselves to supporting the Akron Jewish community during our lifetime and beyond.  We understood many years ago that if you want to make an impact in the community in which you live, you must support it financially.  I hope you share our vision and that you make the same commitment to ensure our community’s future.”

Make your pledge to the 2016 Annual Campaign today at, or call Campaign Director Julie Katz at 330-835-0005. For information on creating or contributing to an endowment  fund, contact Greta Foster at 330-835-0003 or


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