Forum 360 Fall Show Line-Up

At our August taping, a wide and interesting array of guests paraded through the Forum 360 set for the upcoming fall shows. Forum 360 hosted a cyber bullying expert, a musical child prodigy, two dynamic women executives, the creators of a popular nonprofit event, and an author.

Our goal at Forum 360 is to create a bridge between the people who have incredible stories to tell and listeners and viewers eager to hear their stories. Forum 360 is a jewel in the fabric of Northeast Ohio. Our goal is always to feature people, places, issues, and ideas with a global outlook or a local view. 

Daniel Colaner is a “young” jewel in the fabric of northeast Ohio. Now a “mature” 14-year-old, at 12 he played a solo at Carnegie Hall and St. Patrick’s cathedral and was featured in People magazine. His dad Dan joined us for a conversation about Daniel’s talent, his past journey and his future.

TV personality, author, and cyberbullying expert Catherine Bosley also joined Forum 360 to share her talent, past journey, and future. One of the first nationally known targets of cyberbullying, Catherine now helps individuals and companies understand and face the “digital dangers." Two forces in the Northeast Ohio non-profit scene, Judi Hill and Theresa Carter, shared their views of the past and future of the NAACP with host Leia Love.

John F. Garofalo and Joe Tucker joined host Stephanie York to share the inside story of Greater Akron’s On the Table event. Author Bob Adamov joined host Bill Saus. If you have an idea for a show or a host, please let us know! We welcome ideas for topics and guests. 



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