Enhanced JCBA J-Ticket Moves into 2017

In 2016, the Jewish Community Board (JCBA) initiated the J-Ticket. This program was designed to engage, sustain and advance Jewish life here in Akron, by lowering the overall cost to a convenient “bundle of services,” specifically for young Jewish families.

Thirty-four young families purchased the JCBA J-Ticket in 2016, exceeding expectations of an untested program model. Funding for the J-Ticket came directly from a grant from the Albert L. and Janet A. Schultz Endowment Fund for Jewish Programming established by the family with JCBA in 2014.

The Schultz Supporting Foundation lauded the program’s success: “Kol Hakavod for this innovative approach to Jewish access! We are delighted that the foundation’s gift to Akron’s Jewish community has resulted in such a tangible commitment to Jewish engagement.”

Adds Deana Friedman, niece of the Albert and Janet Schultz: “I feel that the J-Ticket is an important step to providing to Akron families the use of the facility and all that comes with exposure to Jewish campus life. My aunt and uncle would be so supportive of these efforts.”

ecause of the overwhelming success of last year’s program, JCBA convened the Community Engagement Committee (CEC), chaired by Dave Minc, to review the metrics, discuss what was learned in this previous year and to refine the original J-Ticket. At the JCBA full board meeting on Jan. 24, the recommendation of the CEC was unanimously approved and endorsed by the Schultz Supporting Foundation.

The enhanced 2017 JCBA J-Ticket has made a significant change to further engage younger Akron Jewish families. Individual families may now purchase two tickets – one for a child enrolled in the Mandel ECE Center at the Shaw JCC and one for a child enrolled in The Lippman School.

“I’m very pleased with the results of the 2016 J-Ticket program and look forward to even greater results for the enhanced 2017 J-Ticket program, says Rick Spector, president of JCBA. “The positive feedback from community members combined with the increased engagement of Jewish Akron families clearly shows that this initiative is having a positive impact.”

The J-Ticket is open to all Jewish families, regardless of financial need. Enrollment costs are outlined below. Applications may be found on line at www.jewishakron.org/j-ticket and are also available at the Mandel ECE Center and The Lippman School.




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