JCBA Launches COVID-19 Emergency Fund

The Jewish Community Board of Akron (JCBA) has launched a COVID-19 Emergency Fund to benefit individuals and families who live, work, or worship in Summit County. As the COVID-19 shelter-in-place requirements endure unemployment, financial uncertainty, and food insecurity have increased exponentially. Every day we are hearing about more neighbors and friends being severely impacted in the wake of this pandemic. It is our belief that the effects of this crisis will be felt for many months, if not years to come. Therefore, we have established this fund to address not only short-term financial needs, but to also help people rebuild through employment and financial literacy assistance. We will also seek to bolster the work of our local Jewish communal agencies who are assisting those most in need at this time. 100% of contributions to this fund will directly support individuals and families impacted by the pandemic, and/or programs providing services to the most vulnerable and at risk in our community. The COVID19 Emergency Fund is being managed by JCBA, in close collaboration with Jewish Family Services. Funds will not be granted directly to individuals, rather JCBA will pay vendors, utilities, and other creditors directly.

JCBA’s mission to build a vibrant, enduring and caring Jewish community has never been more important. Although we are daunted by the enormity of the threat of COVID-19, we also have deep confidence in the ability of our community to face it. For the Frequently Asked Questions or to donate, visit

Shabbat shalom,

Todd Polikoff