$40,000 Campaign Matching Incentive

Several members of our community have come together to create a $40,000 matching opportunity! The following investments will be matched 1:1:

Any new 2020 investment (includes anyone who did not contribute in 2019). Any increased investment in 2020 (i.e. $500 in 2019 and $1,000 in 2020 would generate a $500 match).

Thanks to the incredible work of our campaign chairs, volunteer solicitors, and kind, generous investors, to date we
have raised $693,159.35 for the JCBA Annual Campaign!

If you haven’t made your gift yet, there’s still time. Remember, your gift powers Community. The JCBA Annual Campaign is about the commitment of an entire community to care for the vulnerable, enhance Jewish life, and ensure a Jewish future. Investing in the Annual Campaign forges a link between our local and global Jewish community. Investors in the Annual Campaign, simultaneously, help the person around the corner and around the world. They enable JCBA to work with local, national and international agencies to transform lives and deliver hope, dignity and comfort to millions of people — ordinary people facing extraordinary needs. Donate by mail or online at www.jewishakron.org/annual-campaign.