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The Mandel Match

The Thom and Lisa Mandel Foundation has graciously agreed to match all increased and new gifts to the 2024 Campaign for JewishAkron up to a total of $50,000, which will be vital to our ability to surpass our $1.5 million goal.


"Lisa and I are pleased to be able to set aside some of our giving to fund a donor match in our Akron's Campaign for Jewish Needs. We hope that all who can will take advantage of the opportunity to lever up their increased annual support of JewishAkron. We think that Akron is an amazing place to raise a family, and one with an amazing Jewish community.  Our programs rival those of many much larger communities. Please help us help," says Thom Mandel.

Lisa and Thom Mandel

How It Works:

  1. The Foundation will match all increases to the 2024 campaign; an increase is the amount OVER specific donors’ 2023 commitments. If there is no increase, there will be no match on these contributions.
  2. The Foundation will match all new gifts to the 2024 campaign; a new gift is considered a contribution from either a totally new donor or a previous donor who did not participate in the 2023 campaign.
  3. Additional gifts from donors who have already made their 2024 commitments are also eligible for the Mandel Match.
  4. While prompt payment is always encouraged, the match will be made on either pledges or paid commitments, as long as they are in one of the above categories.