Israel Incentive Savings Program


The Israel Incentive Savings Program (IISP) is now closed to new enrollment. However, if you have already enrolled your child there are now more flexible options for travel. The IISP makes a trip to Israel possible by providing financial assistance. This program encourages people to experience Israel's culture more indepth. The joint venture between the Jewish Community Board of Akron, Beth El Congregation, Anshe Sfard/Revere Road Synagogue and Temple Israel allows approved educational trips after your child's tenth grade year up until they are 30.


How IISP helps pay for an approved Israel program

Students may use IISP funds for approved trips after completing tenth grade until age 30. For students who have travelled to Israel before, independent travel may be possible. The student must notify JCBA when he or she plans to travel and the name of the organized trip or an approved itinerary for independent travel at least 60 days before payment is due. A check will then be issued payable directly to the Israel program for the amount corresponding to the number of years the student has been enrolled in IISP, but not to exceed the program's full cost.


Qualifications for independent travel are as follows: 

For participants that have previously been to Israel, IISP funds should be utilized for either a group trip or independent travel. In the case of independent travel, resources such as the Shlichim, Rabbis, or other knowledgeable resources should be utilized to help plan the itinerary. The itinerary must be approved by JCBA staff. At the completion of independent travel trips, the participants should share details on their trip experience with the community either in writing or via a presentation. The trip should include a variety of educational sites in Israel.



A copy of the full IISP plan is available from the Jewish Community Board of Akron. For more information, call 330-869-2424.