Israel and the Jewish World


Missions Abroad

The JCBA periodically offers "mission trips" to Israel and other other Jewish communities abroad. These curated trips are more than a tour or vacation. With access to the military, political, religious and cultural aspects of Israel, missions allow participants to engage fully with the country and its people. Missions help to strengthen Jewish identity, explore our history, and connect with each other. 


Israel Incentive Savings Program

The Israel Incentive Savings Program (IISP) is now closed to new enrollment. However, if you have already enrolled your child there are now more flexible options for travel. The IISP makes a trip to Israel possible by providing financial assistance. This program encourages people to experience Israel's culture more indepth. The joint venture between the Jewish Community Board of Akron, Beth El Congregation, Anshe Sfard/Revere Road Synagogue and Temple Israel allows approved educational trips after your child's tenth grade year up until they are 30. Learn more here


Israel Programming

Through a partnership with the Canton Jewish community, Akron hosts shlichim (Israeli emissaries). Living in Akron, shlichim create programming to increase Jewish knowledge and pride and to promote an understanding of Israel and its ideals.