Separate gifts or individual gifts?

Husbands and wives have been encouraged to give separate gifts to the JCBA annual campaign. Most couples prefer to give separate gifts to the campaign. There has been a growing number of husbands and wives who are combining their gifts into a single gift.

There are several reasons why separate gifts are encouraged:

  • Some foundation grants that the community applies for want to know how many donors contribute to the campaign. By separating gifts, this allows us to account for a greater number of donors. Cathy Baer said on the Jewish Akron facebook page that she was always encouraged to give separately because the total amount of gifts count in the big picture.
  • In some households one spouse feels strongly about donating to the Jewish Community Board of Akron and the other spouse does not feel as strongly, so separate giving allows people to express their preferences. There are many non-Jews in a mixed marriage who give a generous gift to the campaign because they believe in the work that the JCBA does. However, individual gifts may allow for these families to give to organizations that reflect their personal values.
  • When one spouse passes away, if the surviving spouse feels ownership for an annual pledge it continues that family’s commitment to the community.
  • Major, individual gifts for women are recognized by the Lion and Pomegranate levels ($5,000 annually for a Lion pin and $1,500 for a Pomegranate pin). The gift must be donated as an individual gift to be recognized at the Lion or Pomegranate level.

There are donors every year that decide to give jointly for the first time. Helene Norin commented on our Jewish Akron facebook page that it’s all about personal choice. People should be given both options because it’s really their decision. At JCBA, we feel it is a personal decision and allow the donor to decide what is right for themselves and their family.

If you would like to comment on this issue on our facebook page, we look forward to your opinion.


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