Re-Imagine Jewish Akron Update

Five initiatives came out of Re-Imagine Jewish Akron to make Akron a thriving 21st century Jewish community. Over the summer, task forces started formulating. Here is the update in regard to each initiative:  

1.   Business leaders to coordinate efforts to recruit and place younger Jewish talent.
We are in the process of gathering a group of business leaders and professionals who can serve as mentors and help make shiddachs between new or returning members of our community and employers.  Our vision is that these individuals would keep their ears open and learn of both new people to Akron and make introductions to those who come to Akron and need jobs.

2.   Jewish organizations and congregations to launch a joint marketing campaign for involvement in Jewish life
We are still looking for a volunteer to chair the communication outreach task force.  This group would develop a plan to market our community to all who identify as being Jewish, who have a Jewish family member or is curious about our Jewish community. The plan will be implemented by Campus Marketing director and staff.  

 3.   Mandel School (Case Western), Rubber City Jews, Leadership Akron and Siegel Life-long Learning Program to co-create Jewish Leadership Experience
Sarah Greenblatt and Leora Cohen have agreed to co-chair a leadership development committee.  The purpose of the committee is to create a cross generational leadership program for our community.

4.   JCBA to fund a community Concierge
Cathy Baer, former Membership Director of the Shaw JCC and longtime lay leader, is our official community concierge! Cathy will help welcome new families to our community. She will introduce them to congregations and Jewish organizations and will help connect new comers to employers in our community and around beyond.  

5.   A passport to the Jewish Community, with which to pay one fee for access to services across all agencies and congregations.
Keith Mirman, with the help of Andrew Mirman from the JCC, Brian Sleznick from Beth El, and Kaila Sasonkin from Anshe Sfard; met this summer and delivered their recommendations for the boards’ approval. The passport committee is working with the Voucher committee of Jon Golden and Mark Baer, who were tasked with creating a welcome package to new families coming to town.

If you would like to get involved with any of these task forces, please contact Debbie Shifrin at



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