Lippman School develops more cross-cultural educational opportunities

Nine teachers from China’s Guangdong province visited The Lippman School in late January to observe how American students learn English. They were participating in a continuing education program designed to help them better teach English as a Second Language to primary school students.

The Chinese teachers were in town through a program offered by Learnosphere, an international education consulting company based in Akron. That company will also help bring Chinese students to a new academic summer camp offered through The Lippman School this year.

Sam Chestnut, Head of The Lippman School noted, “This summer camp will be an excellent opportunity to further develop our partnership with educators and students from Guangdong province and for local students. Our school has developed an excellent reputation as a leader in cross-cultural education, and we are delighted to offer more opportunities for international and local students.”

The new Lippman School American Cultural Immersion Camp will provide a unique seven-day opportunity for up to 23 Chinese students and 23 American students to explore academic themes related to American history, culture, arts, and the environment. Educators from The Lippman School and Chief Dull Knife College, which is located on the Northern Cheyenne reservation in Montana, will offer interactive classes on The Lippman School campus in two themes: American History and Northern Cheyenne/Plains Indians Culture.

Northern Cheyenne educators and artists are participating as part of The Lippman School’s ongoing cultural exchange program with students, educators, and tribal elders from the Northern Cheyenne Nation.
In addition to classes on The Lippman School campus, students will also visit the majestic Cuyahoga Valley National Park and will have the option to stay in a beautiful 30-bed facility located at the park.

Camp planning and preparations are currently underway. More information, including fees and schedule will be posted soon at 


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