Curious? Committed? Be a Forum 360 Host!

Are you curious? Are you curious about the round-about at the end of your street, global “weirding,” or the amount of rain in the rain forest? If you are curious, you are a candidate to be a host of Forum 360.

Hosts on Forum 360 are volunteers. As with most volunteer positions, this one comes with many responsibilities.

Why be a Forum 360 host?
You meet interesting people that you may not meet in your daily life—from a senator to an entrepreneur. You find out more about topics, issues and events than you would otherwise know; you learn with every show.  In a small or big way, you have some influence over what is spotlighted about Northeast Ohio.

First, a candidate goes through an apprenticeship: observing, contributing, and developing different aspects of a show. Hosts are responsible for coming up with their own topics, finding their guests, and developing their questions for the interviews.

Most interviews that you see on TV last just a couple of minutes. Filling 26 minutes is a serious commitment. It takes research, some ability to write, and the ability to think on your feet. In Forum 360, there are no do-overs— no editing or “let’s try that again.” Because Forum 360 airs on both TV and radio, hosts need to feel comfortable on both camera and radio.

A host can be in their 20s or 70s! People of all ages and backgrounds are welcome. If you have any interest in hosting, please email

Upcoming Shows
Two Forum 360 guests provide an update on the status of hiring veterans. Brian Fortney, of Rockwell Automation, talks about an initiative encouraged by their CEO to hire and train vets for well-paying jobs. Larry Moore, of the Summit County Veterans Commission, helps us understand that transition.

One of our guests this month is both a guest and a host! Ardith Keck and her husband, Dr. Bill Keck, appear as guests to talk about working together on a book about collaboration.

Call it climate change or global warming or global…weirding. Climate-something seems to be here; just ask those iguanas in freezing Florida. The Climate Citizens Lobby is a guest on our show about climate.

In the coming weeks our programs will cover:KOMAE: an app developed by two female entrepreneurs in Akron to save on babysitting fees. University of Akron President Matt Wilson on updates at our local university.

Each show will air:
PBS/Fusion channel 45/49 on Monday at 8pm and Saturday at 5 p.m.
WONE FM 97.5 Sunday 6 a.m.   WAKR AM 1590 Sunday, 5 p.m., Monday 12:30 a.m.



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