Sunday, April 18th

Jewish Rock Radio!


Join us for a FREE concert on Sunday, April 18 at 4 pm. Simply visit THIS PAGE on Sunday afternoon at 4pm to "attend."


Virtual Israel Celebration - 12PM

Yom HaZikaron & Yom Ha’atzmaut

Click HERE to Join at NOON:

Remember Israel's Fallen Soldiers

Celebrate Israel’s 73rd Independence Day

Virtual Tours with Shay Rubinstein

My IDF Experience - led by Moshe Lewis


Israel's Musical Birthday Celebration - Click HERE to Join at 9:30AM

Israel Story Time (for ages 7 and under) - Click HERE to Join at 10AM

Nailed It! Israel Birthday Cake Edition (for all ages) - Click HERE to Join at 10:30AM


Saturday, April 17th

Wine Tasting - Sat. April 17 at 9PM

Join us for an evening of live wine tasting without getting up from the couch! Sample wines from La Forêt Blanche winery in the Golan Heights.


To register, please click HERE AND call the JCC front desk at 330-835-0020. You will then be sent a link and pick-up instructions.


Cost: $50 per bundle (each bundle comes with 5 wines to sample and snacks).


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