In mid-2022, JewishAkron welcomed a new Community Shaliach, Rami Feinstein, who moved to Akron from Israel with his wife and their two children. Rami is a noted Israeli rock musician with 4 albums. His unique background combines music, education, non-profit management, marketing, and a strong Israeli background. Rami served in the Israel Defense Forces as a sergeant and staff commander for officers' training.


Rami will be working closely with all of the JewishAkron organizations and congregations - on the Schultz Campus and in the community - to build and deepen connections with Israel and enhance Israel education.


If anyone in the community has questions, ideas, or initiatives about greater Akron's connection to Israel (or just wants to chat over a cup of coffee!) please reach out to Rami at rfeinstein@jewishakron.org or 330-835-0014.


What is a Community Shaliach?


A Community Shaliach provides a local bridge and connection to Israel by promoting Israeli experiences, facilitating Jewish social activism, and speaking authentically about faith and culture.