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Are you new to the Akron Jewish community, planning on moving here, or just looking for new ways to connect to Jewish life? Cathy Baer, Community Concierge, is here to help!​Are you new to the Akron Jewish community, planning on moving here, or just looking for new ways to connect to Jewish life? Erin Katz Ford, Community Concierge, is here to help!

How can I help you?


Job Search - Erin can provide an overview of local employers, pass resumes and make relevant introductions. Visit our page!


House / Rental Search - Looking for a place to live but not sure where to start from? Erin can answer your questions about schools districts, proximity to the Jewish community and provide a general neighborhoods overview. She can also help connect you with a realtor or with that home for rent that will suit your needs.


Social Connections -  Getting to know people your age and with similar interests is both fun and helpful. Erin can help make these initial social connections for you!


Jewish Community -  Confused with all the options? Looking for Jewish education for your children? Curious about adult education options? Want to learn more about scholarships and financial aid? Erin can help you sort out the options!


About Akron -  Akron has a lot to offer! Between our local park system, ski spots, sporting events and culture venues, weekends can get pretty busy! Ask Erin about all that's available, including schools' districts - she has a wealth of knowledge she can share!


Jewish Community Passport program

A free one-year membership to Jewish Akron!


Any new or returning Jewish community members can take advantage of the new Jewish Community Passport Program (JCPP), though the Community Concierge. This offers a free one-year membership to the Shaw JCC and free membership and dues to each of the three congregations (Anshe Sfard, Beth El Congregation and Temple Israel). JCPP excludes all special programs, childhood education, and “life cycle” events.


  • To qualify for any of these programs, one member of the household must be Jewish by having a Jewish parent or have completed the conversion process by an ordained rabbi.
  • If no one in the household is currently Jewish, but one or more members is undergoing the conversion process, the individual will pay for the JCCP or other programs with a cost up front and be reimbursed by JCBA upon completion of their conversion. 
  • Enrollment in the JCPP does not assure synagogue membership. Families must fill out a membership application for the synagogue of their choice and be approved by that congregation. 


The JCCP is open to newly arrived Jewish families and singles residing in Summit, Stark, Medina, Portage and Cuyahoga counties. Register with Community Concierge Erin Katz Ford. Contact her at or 330-835-005.


  • Job searching?

    Akron's major employers include companies in healthcare, banking, and manufacturing. We're actively building relationships with these employers to help job seekers in our community find the right match.

Jewish Congregations


Each of the Jewish congregations in town offers Sunday school, adult education opportunities, social gatherings, holiday celebrations, volunteering opportunities, and regular services. Each has renovated or re-build their facilities at some point between 2011-2014. Welcome to Jewish Akron!


Temple Israel builds Jewish faith, learning, community and hope. Its central focus is being a sacred place of worship, where it engages people of all ages and stages in sacred living. Education for adults and children is essential to its mission. Over the years, it has elevated Temple Israel as the voice to the non-Jewish community in Akron.


Anshe Sfard creates a welcoming and non-judgmental environment for Jewish men, women & children of all backgrounds. While the Shul conducts its religious services in accordance with traditional requirements, the primary focus of Anshe Sfard is to encourage its congregants to grow spiritually and to find a level of commitment with which they feel comfortable.



Beth El Conservative  is an egalitarian conservative congregation located on the Schultz Campus for Jewish Life and is affiliated with The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. It is a sacred community dedicated to growing Jewishly, and it seeks to provide a wide range of spiritual, cultural, social, and lifelong learning experiences to all who are looking for a vibrant and inclusive Jewish community.

Schultz Campus for Jewish Life


Welcome to Jewish Akron! The Schultz Campus for Jewish Life located at 750 White Pond Drive is the home of the Shaw JCC, The Lippman School, Jewish Family Service, and the Jewish Federation named the Jewish Community Board of Akron. Hundreds of people pass through our doors every day for our school, preschool, workout facility, swimming pools, camps, speaker nights, and community events. New families to town with a direct connection to Jewish heritage are welcomed to a free annual subscription to the Shaw JCC!


The Shaw JCC of Akron is the place for families! We offer a fitness center, free group exercise classes, babysitting room, aquatics center, early childhood education center, aftercare programs for school aged-children, summer/winter camps, social activities, speaker nights and events for all ages. The Shaw JCC offers 1 year of free membership to Jewish families and individuals who are new to town!


The Lippman School offers a globalized K-8 independent school education unsurpassed in the Greater Akron Area. We present small classes, carefully selected teachers, and a fast-paced curriculum. With value added character development, international perspective and a robust sense of community, students easily connect with their peer group and gain confidence through a sense of belonging.

The Jewish Community Board of Akron (JCBA) is a volunteer association that exists for the purpose of preserving, enhancing and perpetuating the Jewish way of life. It raises funds to support the Shaw JCC, The Lippman School, and Jewish Family Service. Affiliated with the Jewish Federations of North America, it also provides monies to many other local, national and international Jewish programs and agencies.

  • New to town?

    Akron has a lot to offer! Contact Erin Katz Ford to receive the insider view on everything Jewish and beyond!